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The Healthy Brands Company is the home for brands and products, better for you and the planet.

Sales and Expansion

Creating a fantastic product is hard. Selling the product is just as hard. With an active sales force we make fantastic brands and product get the sales they deserve.

Investment and Acquisitions

Creating a healthy product and establish a brand for consumers is heavily cash consuming. We are actively looking for companies to invest in or acquire.

Scaling Healthy Brands

Our goal is to create partnerships that reaches around the globe, developing new products that changes what we consume and making the planet a little bit better.

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Our brands


Shewy is health in your pocket. Functional chewing gum with active ingredients for daily wellness.


That’s the short story. Not only does gum taste great and keep our mouths busy, it also has health benefits. Chewing gum has been proven to improve concentration, mood, stress, and anxiety.

Research suggests that chewing gum is an excellent vitamin delivery system – better than swallowable pills.

Get your chewing on today!

Rest Drinks

Rest Drinks is a unique inovation and combination of ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Amino-acids targeting your mood and minerals we lack when we’re stressed – all in one carbonated, sugar and caffeine free drink.

You are expected to perform. You start at the gym 6 AM
everyday – you work hard, even evenings and weekends –
and you are that outgoing and amazing friend. But do you
ever take a rest to recover? Pressure is a part of life – but in order to be yourself, recovery is a

We want you to be your best.
That’s why we’ve created Rest.


Healthy products shouldn’t cost a fortune, not in times like these.

FOMO was founded in 2019; we felt that there was a lack of a conscious alternative in the market that focused on all moments of life. Simply put, we wanted a product that would be just as suitable for a picnic with friends as it would be for a walk with your favorite podcast playing in your ears.

Today, you can sip on our fantastic energy drink – but more products are to come.

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We are looking for companies to partner with, invest in, to acquire and investors to join our journey. Fantastic products that makes our life and our planet a little bit better deserve to exist. Not only do we think so – the largest FMCG companies in the world all agree that products that’s better for you is the future.

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Crafting a better world, one innovative and healthy choice at a time.

At The Healthy Brands Company, we’re on a mission to revolutionize health and wellness. As the home of brands specializing in products better for the consumer and the planet, we create, invest in and support innovative brands that share our vision of a better tomorrow. Our diverse portfolio includes cutting-edge chewing gum, relaxation drinks, and products we build for your health in mind.

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